Construction worker killed in hit and run

October 28, 2011 1:43:31 PM PDT
Police in Suffolk County on Long Island are searching for a driver who hit a construction worker and left him to die in the street.

The accident happened early Friday morning on Route 25A in Fort Salonga.

One of Long Island's biggest contracting firms today in mourning after a longtime employee suffered a violent death on a deserted road.

While you slept, 49 year old Victor Shultz and a partner from Intercounty Paving of Nassau County were moving a giant pavement milling machine onto a flatbed at Route 25A and the Sunken Meadow Parkway.

Eyewitnesses told police a dark colored SUV was speeding on 25A when it plowed into Schultz, and kept on going.

Police are still trying to get to the bottom of the crash, which happened in a spot with no streetlights and no construction barricades. Investigators say Schultz was wearing dark clothing and no safety vest.

"It's quite possible the driver is not aware he hit someone and if he was driving in that area it's incumbent on him to call us," Sgt. John Twiname said.

But with likely damage to the front of that car, Schultz's supervisor Bernie Lampert finds it hard to believe the driver didn't even notice that he had left a human being for dead .

"What were they were thinking that they couldn't even stop. It just brings so many suspicious things to mind that you don't even know where to start to think," Lampert said.