Three men arrested after home invasion caught on tape

November 15, 2011 1:40:24 PM PST
Police in Suffolk County on Long Island arrested two men accused of plotting a brazen home invasion.

The suspects were all caught on camera.

But they weren't the only ones taken into custody as the home owner was also charged

Police caught the men in the act, and it was all caught on video.

With an undercover detective bravely at the wheel, police descended, arresting 26-year-old Joshua Whitfield of Huntington, and 24-year-old Seyquan Patron, of Mastic Beach, both convicted felons.

Police say Whitfield and Patron were about to rob an alleged drug dealer at gunpoint and ransack his house. And maybe that sounds like Whitfield and Patron were doing police a favor, stealing from a drug dealer, but the sSffolk county DA says too often, would-be criminals get the wrong address.

"They target the wrong house. Innocent people are beaten. Even if it's the right house, there can be gunfire, and innocent people can be caught in crossfire," said Suffolk County DA, Thomas Spota.

And at the apartment complex, which the alleged drug dealer calls home, many people live very close together.

Police ultimately followed Whitfield and Patron's lead.

A search warrant got them inside the alleged drug dealer's home where they found marijuana, heroin, and cash.

They soon arrested Lonnie Walker on drug charges.