Some Starbucks make 2nd bathroom for employees only

November 16, 2011 2:22:21 PM PST
Finding a public restroom in the city is no easy task, and for many Starbucks restaurants have always been there to the rescue with 190 locations in the city.

But the high demand has also left some of the popular stores with a dilemma of providing restrooms for their own workers as well. It has forced some to reduce their restrooms from two to one.

One for the workers and one for employees.

The Starbucks at 67th street and Columbus avenue is one example

However, we found one at 45th street and 6th Ave. that converted its public bathroom to an employee's only john.

"My reaction is they should have a public restroom open for everybody," said Ougie Pak.

NYC law requires any restaurant with 20 or more seats to provide a restroom.

Some feared this was a companywide shutdown, but Starbucks released this statement:

"Reports that we are eliminating public restrooms are completely false. Starbucks stores will continue to have public restrooms available. In rare cases at large stores with two restrooms, we have converted one of the restrooms for partner (employee) use."

Starbucks say the majority of its stores will provide at least one restroom open to the public, which is a good thing since it sells a product that makes the availability of restrooms important.