Popular pizza shop shut down due to violations

November 22, 2011 2:23:53 PM PST
A slice of trouble for a Brooklyn pizzeria that was ranked one of the best in New York by Zagat and the Village Voice.

The popular pizza joint was shut down because of health code violations including mouse droppings.

With shock, horror, and hunger, customers have been coming to Di Fara Pizza.

How is it conceivable that the best of the best got the worst health code violations, so bad the city shut them down?

Owner, Domenic Demarco showed Eyewitness News how everyone from Zagat's to the Times to The Voice, loves him.

He makes the covers, and until now, he was making 50 to 90 pizza pies a day.

What makes them good enough to warrant $5 a slice is fresh ingredients, no longer than five minutes in the oven and a secret weapon.

His son, Domenic, Jr., says since they got closed down they've been working to right wrongs.

Everything from dirty aprons, to food not kept at the right temperature, to mice.

But they say you know who has a mouse problem? The city.

"This is an old building. There are mice at the garbage and all over the subway so sometimes maybe they run in here once in awhile," said Domenic Demarco, Jr. Di Fara Pizza.

"They could be a little more understanding, but it's a system, doesn't have a heart or a face," Demarco, Sr. said.

To his fans, Domenic, Sr. says no worries.

"I come back. I have confidence in myself!" Demarco said.

Everyone outside complains its shame to have to wait.