Teadmill desk help bring exercise to work

November 29, 2011 8:20:43 AM PST
There's no doubt that sitting too much is bad for your health. But in most offices, sitting is the only option.

"I would like to lose a couple pounds but I actually want to do it more just for the cardio effect, just to get the exercise," said Donna Evans who is a registered nurse.

This poison control call center has installed several treadmill desks. Employees do all the same work as before, but sit less and walk more.

"If I can keep someone healthy, I'm going to have a workforce that's going to be productive, that's not going to cost me any more money in terms of overtime, hopefully they'll be happy, they'll want to keep working for us," said Dr. Gaylord Lopez.

Regular, low impact exercise has many proven benefits, weight loss, reduced risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, and more energy.

"If they exercise during the day it can enhance their mood, it releases different neurotransmitters in their brain that can make people feel better about themselves," said Dr. Brent Morgan.

Another reason to get up and move at least once an hour even if your office doesn't have the treadmills.

Dr. Parikh tested out a couple of these treadmill workstations. They usually don't go any faster than 2 or 3 miles an hour but you can increase the incline.