Baby immunizations in the afternoon

December 5, 2011 1:48:01 PM PST
The next time your baby needs an immunization, you may want to schedule the doctors appointment in the afternoon.

A new study finds that when babies get their vaccines after 1:30 p.m. They sleep more over the next 24 hours. Sleep is important to create a healthy immune response and increase antibody production.

"They found these babies were more likely to sleep a longer period of time if they were given their vaccine in the afternoon, as opposed to in the morning," said Dr. Kim Giuliano, Cleveland Clinic.

To ease the fever and discomfort that comes with vaccines, some pediatricians recommend giving your child acetaminophen, which goes by the brand name Tylenol.

But there are studies that suggest the medication may lower the body's immune response.

So instead of acetaminophen, these researchers say that afternoon vaccines and more sleep maybe a better solution.

"It's certainly worth considering if your schedule allows to potentially try to schedule your baby's vaccines in the afternoon as opposed to the morning," adds Dr. Giuliano.