Seven Blocks in Hunts Point

December 9, 2011 2:01:32 PM PST
Hunts Point Avenue is located on a peninsula in the South Bronx. When you first step into this neighborhood, you step into a community with more than its share of social problems, but you also step into a neighborhood where there is a lot to be proud of.

Right at the edge of the seven block range is one of the largest food distribution centers in the world and where you can find over 800 industrial businesses. Among them, New York City's New Fulton market, which replaced the 180 year old fish market formerly located in downtown Manhattan.

The distribution center stretches over 329 acres and employees over 25 thousand workers.

Four blocks away from the subway stop is an academy more concerned about satisfying the art lover than the food lover. It is called the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance.

"BAD is basically a space that celebrates women, people of color, the LGBT community, combining all of those communities together," said Charles Rice-Gonzalez, the director of the academy.

The academy is located in the legendary American banknote building. Built in early 19 hundreds, the warehouse originally manufactured currency for foreign countries.

Just up the block is the Corpus Christ Monastery. The 116 year old branch is the oldest Dominican nun monastery in the United States. The nuns still committed to prayer and charity work.

Finally, no trip to the area would be complete without a stop at the Valencia Bakery. It is a long standing tradition in the neighborhood where cakes of all shapes and size can be found.

"We have been around for 60 yrs. We have made traditional Puerto Rican cakes?that was the start of it?a traditional Puerto Rican cakes," said Mike Eberle of Valencia Bakery.

It has grown to become much more. This couple wouldn't even consider returning to their home in Florida without stopping by Valencia.

"You cannot leave NYC without a Valencia cake. It is impossible," said Jose Morales, customer.

Sweet tastes, historic buildings and the business of feeding the country can all be found within and just beyond the seven blocks of the Hunts Pt. avenue subway station.