Woman gives birth to 3 grandchildren

January 9, 2012 1:49:54 PM PST
Having a baby isn't easy for every couple who wants one.

In fact, seven million couples in the U.S. struggle with fertility. Of all the options out there, imagine your own mother giving birth to your children.

For the Lamberts, being parents is the greatest gift they were ever given.

"This is the toughest job you'll ever love. It is, i wouldn't trade being a mom for anything," says Mary Lambert.

But like one in eight other couples, getting pregnant wasn't easy.

"You think everything is going to work out perfectly. You've got everything planned and all of a sudden boom you realize that you can't have children," says Ben Lambert.

The Lamberts tried In Vitro.

Later in the year their daughter Malania was born.

Insurance covered her birth, but when the couple decided to try again, their insurance had run out.

That's when the Lambert's turned to the Cade foundation. The average cost of IVF is $12,000. The organization helps families like them cover the cost of treatment or adoption.

"I really do believe that anyone who has a heart to parent a child, to love a child should have that opportunity," said Camille Hammond.

Camille struggled herself with having a baby. She tried for five years and underwent 6 rounds of IVF treatments.

Then her own mother offered to become her surrogate.

Despite being 54 and post-menopausal, the In Vitro worked for Tinnia Cade.

She gave birth to not one but 3 of her own grandkids.

"We were surprised to say the least when she said that she was carrying triplets," said Camille.

The news made international headlines, but more importantly gave Camille the chance to help others. Including the Lambert's who now have their son Benjamin.

The Cade Foundation offers grants of up to $10,000 to help couples across the country conceive or adopt a child domestically.

So far, they've awarded 31 families and helped bring 21 babies into the world. For more information you can log onto http://www.cadefoundation.org/

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