Facelift like procedure done with ultrasound

A new cosmetic procedure is non-invasive and gives you the effect of a facelift by using an ultrasound machine. (WABC)

January 11, 2012 8:15:58 PM PST
The same technology used during pregnancy is now being used to tighten faces.

"You're tricking the body to heal itself," said Dr. David Colbert, of New York Dermatology Group.

62-year-old Roni says she is ready for some rejuvenation.

Dr. Colbert says ultherapy is perfect for a person who tends to pull at their face.

The doctor uses a gel to slide over the face and target specific muscles.

The ultrasound treatment takes about an hour, lasts years, and costs a few thousand dollars.

On average, it runs at least 75% less than a conventional facelift which involves incisions.

What is happening here is strong sound waves are going deep into the skin and muscles.

But it is not painless, Roni is wincing and squeezing balls in her fists and her legs were jumping, and her doctors know because they've tried it.

They say that it is manageable pain.

60 minutes after the ultherapy started, Roni is happy: Where's the biggest difference?

She says she notices it the most in her jaw line and is very pleased.

Just minutes later, she's out the door.

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