Fans outraged over Springsteen Tickemaster issue

January 27, 2012 8:09:04 PM PST
Bruce Springsteen fans are angry again over another ticket mess-up with Ticketmaster.

Seats went on sale for Springsteen's upcoming concert tour, which kicks off in his home state of New Jersey.

The problem is that folks couldn't buy the tickets.

It's the same problem that happened three years ago.

Ann Marie Madiefsky calls herself a huge Springsteen fan.

But like so many other fans, she's been shut out of getting tickets to the legendary rocker's upcoming shows.

It's all because of a chaos on the Ticketmaster website that had the Boss' fans waiting and waiting and waiting for tickets that ultimately, went to scalpers.

On Twitter, fans are expressed their frustration.

"Ticketmaster kicked me out after 2 hours of waiting for Bruce tickets. This will be the 3rd tour in a row that I've missed."

Another fan wrote, "Tried to buy Bruce Springsteen tickets thru @ticketmaster. 15 min. wait time to 7, back to 15, 20 min later, kicked. Now sold out. AWESOME."

Ticketmaster says their computer system was compromised. Scalpers drove up traffic on the website blocking fans out.

So how did they do it?

According to Ticketmaster officials, "Early indications suggest that much of this traffic came from highly suspicious sources, implying that scalpers were using sophisticated computer programs to assault our systems."

As a result ticket brokers are now jacking up prices.

"You have legalized scalping now, that's what you have," said NJ Congressman Bill Pascrell.

New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell says he will reintroduce legislation in Washington that he hopes will prevent ticket snafus like this one from happening.

"I would keep the secondary broker out of it for at least 24 hours after the tickets go on sale," Pascrell said.

But it's an uphill battle that he's tried before and failed, and he's vowing to fight again.