Surveillance released in pharmacy robberies

February 2, 2012 2:46:29 PM PST
A pharmacy worker talks about the frightening moments when a robber held on him demanding prescription drugs.

Police believe the same robber has hit at least three stores in Manhattan and they're now releasing surveillance video of the suspect.

In a scary surveillance video a pharmacist assistant walks right into the barrel of a gun, held by a violent criminal who meant business.

"Told us to 'get on the ground and he want some medications. Give me all your narcotics. Stay on the ground and don't look at me', and he just left," the victim said.

A month later, he's still petrified by the experience and asked us to disguise his voice and withhold his name.

It happened at the Health Source Pharmacy near 68th and 2nd back on December 12th at noon.

Police say the man took all the oxycodone pills he could grab, ran out of the store, and took off, down 2nd Avenue.

The store's pharmacist says she thought they'd be safe here on the low-crime Upper East Side, but with the prescription pill crisis sweeping the region, everything has changed.

"We get phone calls almost every day asking if we have oxy and oxy in stock. Drug abusers these days are willing to do almost anything to get what they need. So it's just a scary time," the pharmacist said.

This store wasn't the suspect's only target.

On January 6th, police say he and an accomplice hit a cell phone store near 14th and 1st.

Two weeks later, they returned to the very same store.

In both cases, they stole cash.

Cops, releasing the security video in hopes someone recognizes them.

Back at the drug store, the victim says he won't be able to rest, until the man who terrorized him is off the street.

"It's been a month but it's scary. I'm hoping they catch this guy. He's a bad drug dealer or abuser," the victim said.

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