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Nike releasing new items including retro sneakers

February 23, 2012 5:05:22 PM PST
Nike is creating quite a bit of buzz.

The company is releasing several new things Friday including shoes and fans are willing to wait in line to get them.

"I actually told my boss I was sick and I had to go to the doctor that's why I'm here," said Omar Sattar, a collector.

It's the excuse of the day and it worked.

It's the reason why these sneaker heads were able to line up outside of this store.

They're trying to buy a pair of, Air Jordan Cement 4's.

Nike originally released them in 1989, and they only retroed once.

Saturday they sold out fast, and a new shipment had just come in.

"They mean more to me than money, you know, if I ever get in trouble maybe I'd see a few pairs but certain pairs I won't part with," said Khalid Muhammad, a collector.

"There are some sneakers out that they are now retailing for $220 that will be worth $600 next week, the Galaxy one, yes," another Nike lover said. The foamposite Galaxy is the out of this world sneaker that costs $220.

It will be released Friday, but that didn't stop this crowd from gathering outside of a midtown Footlocker on Tuesday.

They all got wrist bands and were told to return later.

Eric Emanuel already got his.

"If you're willing to pay more they're out there. (How much did you pay?) About $600," Emanuel said.

Tuesday on eBay the same sneaker was going for nearly $2,500.

So, why do they do it?

"For me it's memories, it's just a whole lot of memories that these sneakers bring back for me," a sneaker head said.

Its music to Nike's ears, a company that experts say, has mastered the art of releasing a limit amount of product and creating buzz around it.

"They understand branding better than anyone else," said Mike Paul, a Reputation Expert, "There are other major brands with athletes that are tied to them, what they are calling today and saying is, I want that kind of fuss around my shoe."

It's not just sneakers; barricades to control crowds are already in place at Niketown for Wednesday's release of a new wristband.

Nike is hoping customers, like they have so many times before will "Just do it".

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