Gas Buddy app helps find cheap prices on the run

February 23, 2012 3:42:56 AM PST
There are plenty of apps out there which promise to help you find cheap gas, like "Gas Buddy," which happens to be free.

Eyewitness News tested it out in South Orange, New Jersey to see if it works.

The mobile apps taps into the GPS technology on your handheld device pulling up the nearest gas stations and displaying prices on a list or map.

A Delta gas, one tenth of a mile from where Eyewitness News started did not show a price on Gas Buddy's list.

The app updated with the figures we punched in within seconds. If anyone can put in a price, we wanted to check accuracy.

$3.71 at the Exxon is the most expensive price that came up.

In Orange on South Center Drive, Exxon topped off at $3.71 on the dot.

"Ii used to spend like 20 something dollars and now it's like a 10-15 dollar difference," said Tasha Barnett.

Seton Hall College Student Tasha Barnett's been burning through her savings commuting, we showed her the free app, she could've saved $5 in gas money using it on her smart phone.

To search cheap gas prices in your area, go to