Committee's NYPD crime data report overdue

February 24, 2012 3:18:23 PM PST
In January of last year, Commissioner Kelly announced he had appointed three prominent former federal prosecutors to investigate the integrity of the NYPD crime data.

The review came after a series of reports on Channel 7 in which several officers claimed precincts where they worked were fudging the books, even tossing out crime reports.

"And you're saying this was obviously done for what?" Eyewitness News Investigator Jim Hoffer asked.

"Bringing crime down. Making more specifically, the commanding officer of the 81st precinct appear to be effectively fighting crime," said Adrian Schoolcraft, a former NYPD officer.

"By just making them disappear?" Hoffer asked.

"Correct," Schoolcraft said.

When Kelly announced the new committee, the department's press release stated the committee would complete its work over the next three to six months.

More than 13 months later there is no report.

"Its 13 months now, still no report why is it taking so long?" Hoffer said.

"I can't tell you exactly because it's an independent committee, I will tell you one of the participants passed away unfortunately and that may have slowed down the process," Kelly said.

"But Commissioner, he passed away a few months ago in December long after the press release put out by the department saying the work would be put out this past summer," Hoffer said.

"I can't control the pace of the work of an independent committee," Kelly said.

"We cannot wait indefinitely," New York City Councilman Peter Vallone said.

The head of City Council's Public Safety Committee has written to the commissioner expressing his concern that independent investigation is overdue.

"I've been receiving credible evidence for some time now that I brought to the Commissioner's attention that the numbers were being fudged, that people were being told they had to go to precinct to file, people told their complaint wasn't a crime when it was," Vallone said.


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