Student government votes against antibacterial soap

March 8, 2012 1:56:19 PM PST
With a show of hands, student government reps at the University of Texas unanimously rejected the soap that has probably washed many of their hands.

"This is something that's supposed to be good for our health and in reality it's really harming us," says student Robert Love.

Love believes this is the first campus in the country to come out as being anti antibacterial soap.

He and his fellow students, who have voting power, turned against the microbe killing cleanser after reading that triclosan, a chemical commonly found soaps, is now being reviewed by the government for environmental health concerns.

"We don't need it. Regular soap will wash your hands of the bacteria just as well as triclosan soap," says Love.

The student vote still needs final approval by school administrators before it can become official policy. Student supporters of the anti bacterial ban say ordinary soap is cheaper, so it would also prevent precious dollars from going down the drain.

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