Queens woman thrown out window by robbers

March 28, 2012 2:27:13 PM PDT
There was terror in Queens where two men forced their way into a home and threw a woman out a window.

"I'm really scared," said the victim's son.

The victim's 16 year old son is so petrified, he didn't want Eyewitness News to use his name or show his face.

He described the horror show he found Monday, when he and his sister walked into their Hollis, Queens home.

"There was a guy behind the door, that front door, once my sister and I got in he said don't move he had a gun pointed at us so we couldn't do anything," the victim's son said.

They'd walked right into a robbery in progress.

Two men for some reason targeted their mother, at high noon.

It started when the first knocked on the door and tried to talk his way in, claiming to be a plumber.

That's when Carl Cush arrived at the home next door, and saw his neighbor talking to the man, on the stoop.

"I said, 'Hi how you doing?' She smiled and said, 'Hi'. But at that point I guess he didn't make his move because he saw me. When I went back in, that's when he pushed her in the apartment and all hell broke loose," Cush said.

The suspect was joined by a second assailant who pulled the victim by the hair to the second floor apartment.

As they ransacked the place, in walked the woman's kids.

"They told us to get on the floor we did that, next thing I know I see my mom run out the bathroom. She was tied up, tried to escape through the back door. One of them went after her brought her back up and they started tussling in my sisters room," the victim's son said, "Next thing I know the guys leave. One of them said, 'Yo, let's go'. Once they leave, I run to the door, close it, call the cops, I look for my mom, I don't see her anywhere, and I look out the window, I see her."

It turns out she'd been hurled out the second floor window, landing on the driveway below.

Both suspects ran off.

Two days later, the woman's son is terrified that they're still out there.

"I don't know if these guys will come back, I just want the cops to find them you know, that's, that's all I want," the victim's son said.

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