Dozens of dead animals found on side of road

April 5, 2012 7:40:44 PM PDT
Dozens of dead animals, many of them household pets, were found dumped in garbage bags on the side of the road in Hawthorne.

Some of the pets were dumped many, many months ago, perhaps even up to a year.

Others were left much more recently.

We want to warn you: the photos you're about to see are disturbing and hard to watch, but if viewers recognize their lost pets here, at least it'll help detectives know where to start their footwork.

Spring roadside cleaning turned truly disgusting Thursday when Department of Transportation workers in Harrison stumbled upon a disturbing makeshift graveyard of animals.

The discovery was made on the Westchester Avenue entrance ramp onto the northbound side of the Hutchinson River Parkway.

While cleaning the usual roadside litter from a bushy area, workers noticed a bunch of discarded black garbage bags.

What they found inside turned their stomachs.

These are some of the more presentable photos but even then the more gruesome parts of the carcasses have been cropped out.

All told, workers and police found 25 bags filled with 35 animals, mostly cats, dogs and one lizard.

Some of the pets were so decomposed there were only bones and fur left.

Others were in the process of rotting and were covered with bugs.

And then there were those shown in the pictures which looked like they had died only recently.

Investigators have contacted local police to see if there's been a rash of stolen pets in the area.

Meanwhile they hope testing on some of the animals can determine how they died.

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