Reviews: Stooges, Cabin in the Woods, Lockout

April 23, 2012 9:48:01 AM PDT
I saw the new Three Stooges movie with a bunch of boys and their parents, who all seemed to laugh at this comedy which is rated PG. I like the fact there's even a warning at the end of the picture saying "Hey kids, don't try this at home!"

The comedy begins at an orphanage where Larry David is a nun. Jane lynch is the mother superior. As you might expect from a film made by the guys who gave us a comedy called Dumb and Dumber, the Farrely brothers clearly love the original stooges and they've made a movie that re-creates the originals down to the smallest detail and biggest laugh.

The boys look like the original Stooges and they're surrounded by a fine supporting cast featuring the likes of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.

It's not totally awesome, but The Cabin in the Woods is scary enough. Everything we see is part of a game. The zombies are manipulated via remote control which is a premise intriguing enough that I didn't mind the buckets of bloodshed as a result.

Lockout is the world's most secure prison. A prison in space houses the planet's deadliest criminals. The President's daughter, played by Maggie Grace, is in jeopardy and only guy pierce can save her! Other critics seem to dislike this movie and I don't really know why. The effects are kind of cheesy and the acting kind of campy, but I had fun watching Lockout. Put it this way: compared to Wrath of the Titans, this movie plays like Star Wars!

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