Cop critical but stable after being stabbed in head

AN NYPD officer was stabbed in East Harlem on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.

April 18, 2012 1:12:47 PM PDT
A New York City police officer is in critical but stable condition Wednesday after a deranged man stabbed him in the head.

This is the closest thing to a miracle, doctors say.

The young officer, while suffering a serious knife wound, they add, will make a full recovery.

His family is by his side.

"He's doing great. He wants to make sure everyone is well, just thank God," said Dina Loor, the officer's wife.

Being optimistic and hoping for the best, Dina Loor knows her husband; Officer Eder Loor is in the hands of experienced surgeons and doctors, as he begins a long recovery from an extremely serious stab wound.

"The knife went all the way into the brain and deep into the temporal lobe," said Dr. Joshua Bederson, neurosurgeon.

But miraculously, Dr. Bederson reveals, the knife missed the portions of the brain that control speech and motor function by just half an inch.

Still, this neurosurgeon and others had to move fast to stop the bleeding.

"Once we were able to get the blood clot out and stop the bleeding. He tolerated that very well," Dr. Bederson said.

"When I saw him that was the first thing, he came to me and said, 'Babe, I'm fine, it just hurts, it just hurts,'" Dina Loor said.

The bloody knife, with just a three and half inch blade put Officer Loor's life in danger after police say Terrance Hale allegedly stabbed him while Officer Loor and his partner answered a call of a disturbed person.

After being stabbed he dropped to the ground.

"As far as he says, he pulled his own knife out and since he is an EMT he managed to hold the pressure," Dina Loor said.

As he was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, police arrested Hale who reportedly is schizophrenic.

"He looked agitated, he was swinging his arms. But then it happened really fast a lot of police came," a witness said.

Around the corner at his mother's apartment, Vearry Hale told Eyewitness News, while not opening the door, she wants to know why an ambulance wasn't sent for her son instead of two police officers.

"Why do they have two officers when they said the ambulance is not coming? How come they didn't make the call back, why they do what they did?" Vearry Hale said.

"This just underscores the dangers and dilemmas that police officers face on a daily basis. There is not agency that can do this. So officers respond every day," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

In the meantime, expecting her second child this summer, Dina Loor must draw on her inner strength, concerned now about the recovery of her husband.

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