The nose knows, and other medical news

May 30, 2012 3:10:05 PM PDT
Researchers are continuing to value the strength of our sense of smell. It appears our noses can tell us how old someone is.

Many of us may hold on to that popular belief that there is a certain smell some older people may have: the so-called "grandma's smell" or "old people's smell."

Now, the country's leading smell laboratory says yes, people can identify other's ages category based on their body odor.

However, contrary to popular belief, their research found that the smell of older individuals is "less intense" and "less unpleasant" than body odors of middle aged and young individuals.

Score one for grandma.

The Mystery of Pine Mouth

There's a new scientific report out today on the mystery of pine mouth. Pine nuts, also known as pignoli or pinon, are popular in baked goods or to many as a snack.

But in some people, some pine nuts cause a foul bitter taste that can last for weeks, basically ruining one's taste for quite a while. It's known as pine mouth. Theories run from bad nuts to contamination.

New reports say after scientists examined the issue in-depth, the mystery remains. No answer so far as to why some people get this bad reaction.

Bacteria at the office

Bacteria seem to favor one gender over the other, at least at the office, says new research.

Because we're spending more time indoors and specially at work, researchers examined offices in 3 major cities, including New York.

They found that bacteria were more abundant in chairs and phones, but also significantly more bacteria were found in men's offices than in women's offices. The kinds of bacteria did not differ. It's just that they apparently prefer to "hang out with the guys."

Where do these bacteria come from? Most of them from human skin or from the mouth, nose and intestines. But more from male mouths, noses and intestines. The women in our newsroom said: we knew that.

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