High school teacher suspended accused of texting students

June 15, 2012 3:15:07 PM PDT
A high school teacher in New Jersey has been suspended for allegedly sending inappropriate texts and emails to her students.

The teacher, Hilary Gorzelnik has been with the Hopatcong High School for 7 years.

"There was enough information for us to be concerned," said Dr. Charles Maranzano.

Superintendent Maranzano says it was in everyone's best interest to suspend 31-year-old Hilary Gorzelnik from school with pay.

"It's suggested that there may have been inappropriate conversations via the internet and or texts... That has us concerned. We want to know the substance of those conversations," he said.

But since her suspension Gorzelnik has deactivated her Facebook account and refuses to hand over copies of texts.

The soccer coach and drivers-ed teacher did not answer the door when we knocked.

She has a clean record over 7 years at the high school and is popular with the kids.

"I really like her. She is a gym teacher and really fun. You can talk to her about stuff," said Tommy Rieg.

The question is, did she ever cross a line. A line Maranzano says continues to change with technology and social media.

"There are guidelines written out for what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior... But the NEA and other organizations are struggling with that as the line is continually redefined," he adds.

Some juniors at the school tell me it's not uncommon to text with teachers these days. But about sports or school work. They just don't believe G as they call her did anything wrong.

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