Doctor accused of taking video up skirts on subway

August 3, 2012 2:56:56 AM PDT
Police have charged a doctor with taking videos up the skirt of a woman at a subway station.

Police say 39-year-old Dr. Adam Levinson, a urologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, was charged with taking videos up the skirt of a woman at the Union Square subway station during Wednesday's evening's rush hour.

It started like any other evening rush as the downtown 4 train approached 14th Street.

"I said no, he's not filming this woman," said Sheldon Birthwright, who spotted the alleged crime.

But Birthwright, a former TSA screener, says he knew something wasn't quite right as he watched a man in his 30s board the train.

He saw him stand right behind a woman in a miniskirt and hold his rolled-up newspaper low, with what looked like a pen inside.

"Just paper, pen is directly inside, just on the thigh, calmly just moving it around," he said. "I guess he was getting different angle shots of whatever he was getting."

Police say it wasn't a pen, but a camera rolled up in that paper, held by Dr. Levinson, who allegedly recorded video up the skirts of at least two women that day; one on that No. 4 train, the other on a Union Square L platform.

Birthwright witnessed both incidents and flagged down police, who scooped Levinson up.

"He said nothing," Birthwright said. "Not, 'It's not me, what are you doing?' Nothing. Like he knew he was wrong."

Levinson's doorman says he lives alone in the West Village rental, where he didn't answer his phone Thursday night.

Meanwhile, back underground, straphangers like Lindsay Schnitt expressed gratitude at the Good Samaritan who witnessed it all and put a stop to it.

"You have no clue that someone's looking up your skirt, looking up your dress," she said. "To know that someone else took care of that without looking to be recognized is amazing."

"It could have been anybody," Birthwright said. "It could have been my sisters, my pastor's wife, my aunts. It could have been anybody. I'm just thankful that he was caught."

A closer examination of the device found "numerous clips in which the defendant recorded underneath the victims skirt," according to the criminal complaint.

Mount Sinai released the following statement: "This is a police matter and Mount Sinai is cooperating fully with the authorities. The employee has been suspended pending the result of the investigation by the District Attorney's office."

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