Shaking up your exercise routine

September 11, 2012 6:41:12 AM PDT
Looking for a workout that will shake up your routine? We've got the class for you.

This class will literally shake things up because the moves are done on vibrating machines. That constant vibration gets your body to work harder, giving you results.

"It was a machine originally developed for physical therapy," Vanessa Chu explained about the power plate machine.

It is a vibrating machine that's you sometimes see at gyms, but now it's being used for group fitness at Pure Flow in Chelsea.

The pure vibration classes take students through a series of exercises on the power plate.

Suszannah Warner guided us through 45 second intervals for each move. The entire class is only 25 minutes, because the vibration and instability forces your muscles to contract faster.

The moves are essentially what you already know: squats, crunches, lunges, but that slight vibration makes everything that much more difficult.

Because of the built-in machine movement, your muscles will contract up to 50 times per minute, proven to be 57 percent more effective than conventional circuit training reps.

Fast and efficient is why the pure vibration may be just the thing to add to your already busy routine to get the results you want.

Classes are 30 dollars each and there are plans to open more Pure Flow Vibration Studios throughout Manhattan.

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