'The Tutu Project' honors breast cancer patients

September 26, 2012 2:45:56 PM PDT
It's a sight sure to grab your attention: a man in a pink tutu.

He's been around the world and is now in our area, but there is an important purpose to this mission.

"I would never imagine the attention this would get," said Bob Carey, of The Tutu Project.

Once you watch the video, you understand why people all over the world, have fallen head over heels for Bob Carey, AKA the man in the pink tutu.

"I had like 10 trucks stopped and the guys were taking pictures of me with their phones and they were thanking at me and they loved it," Carey said.

Loved, like how in all of his other self portraits, Bob is able to put himself aside for the greater good.

"I focus and I go tunnel vision for a little while," Carey said, "My work was always about transformation and transforming myself into things I wasn't."

What started as a project for the Arizona ballet, Bob is a professional photographer, has blossomed into a movement.

In 2003, he tells me his wife Linda, who works with him, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and creating the photos was a welcomed distraction.

"Every single day, we just go and do a pink tutu shot, how could that not be fun," Carey said.

Linda wasn't the only one.

Other patients loved what they were seeing and soon after The Tutu Project was born, it provides support for those with breast cancer.

Carey says his photos often act as a mirror.

Not what these cows expected to run into, the folks at the Coney Island Boardwalk or anyone in Times Square.

Carey is even featured in Bloomingdale's pink book, as a lone shopper and in various other situations.

For the man in the pink tutu, this is very, very, personal and he gives his heart to his work.

For more information please visit: www.thetutuproject.com


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