Job seekers fight back against placement company

October 3, 2012 1:18:16 PM PDT
An Eyewitness News exclusive about dozens of promised jobs. The training was even paid for, but in the end, there was no work.

Now the victims are fighting back.

They want their money back and they fear their identities could now be stolen as well.

All day long on 6th avenue and west 22nd street, a steady stream of unemployed people who all tell the same story. They went to a company called United Care Services" and were told to pay various amounts of money, show up at various bogus addresses for jobs that simply didn't exist.

"We're in a bad economy and spent the last pennies we had," said Jackie Arias.

All of them lost hundreds of dollars, just a question of how much.

One person, who tried to get his money back took cell phone video which shows the man in charge who went by several different names.

And after several days with no response, dozens stormed into the office and started looking for their money, and information themselves, despite the protests of the building's manager.

The clients stole back piles of receipts, even the cell phone of one of the owners which, by the way had no shortage of complaint calls.

Police were called. "We've been trying to compile a list of everybody that has a grievance with them," said one police officer.

But so far, no answers in locating the people who ran this business under several different names.


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