Driveway dilemma in Floral Park

Seven On Your Side
October 16, 2012 2:46:22 PM PDT
Some Long Island homeowners spent a lot of time and money to fix up their driveways, so imagine their shock when officials told them they had to re-do the work, or pay up!

Dan Leudesdorff's got a driveway dilemma.

"I mean, it's not right!" Leudesdorff said.

His town is telling him to rip apart the area between the sidewalk and the street called the apron and replace the decade old paver-stones with concrete.

"We are in violation of I think four codes," Leudesdorff said.

And he's not alone on his Floral Park block.

"I mean really, I mean that's lubricious," said Lucy Coppertino, neighbor.

This past June an inspector with the village told two other homeowners to get rid of their egregious aprons as well "by correcting the existing defects within 20 days".

"How come they decided after nine years that they wanted to do this?" Coppertino said.

"This is a letter; I want to use some common sense!" Leudesdorff said.

Dan pleaded with the village mayor; cc'd all the village trustees and the code enforcer.

"It's concrete, the town said to me that we need concrete in the apron and it's made of concrete," Leudesdorff said.

But earlier this month, the Village wrote back saying the "the apron in front of your property is scheduled to be replaced in 14 days".

"And that I would be billed for it!" Leudesdorff said.

So with the clock ticking, 7 On Your Side read the code and pointed out "driveway aprons" aren't even covered in the town regulations. The very next day the town administrator relented.

"If the residents insist and would like to keep the apron that is an option," said Patrick Farrell, Village of Floral Park Administrator.

That made the homeowners happy.

"Terrific! That's great 7 On Your Side you did all the work," Leudesdorff said.

It also gave a huge relief that saves them money and frustration.

"I'm so happy! I just get so emotional these are wonderful results!" Coppertino said.

The town administrator told 7 On Your Side aprons are maintained by homeowners but are town property. So if someone trips on an uneven apron, the town's liable.

But after 7 On Your Side's call, the town asked each homeowner to draft a letter indemnifying them from potential liability.

The village board will formally vote on whether to accept the letters.

The mayor told 7 On Your Side he's confident the homeowners will prevail.



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