Calls to stop HS football due to head injuries

October 25, 2012 2:53:02 PM PDT
There is a debate about the future of high school football at least in one community.

"A game that uses the head as a battering ram is not a smart game to allow a youngster to play," said Dr. Paul Butler, a retired doctor.

Sandy Mamary is the Athletic Director at Westfield public schools. She says this proposal doesn't make sense. Kids can get hurt playing any number of sports.

"Then what's next? Because we have wrestling we have ice hockey we have lacrosse we have gymnastics," she said.

Chris Sweeney and his teammate Brent Harries have been injured and still, "Everyday we come out here we know the risks when we come out here we know we could get hurt but we do it because we love the game," said Harres.

Even trainers are saying they see concussions in other sports. "I've had two concussions from volleyball and that's a sport you don't think is high risk. No one is saying you should just end the volleyball program," said athletic trainer Chris Flores.

There is new technology with football helmets that you can actually pump air into to help prevent concussion.

we know of no such proposal here in new jersey although it wouldn't be very popular especially here in westfield. Dr butler knows he doesn't have enough votes for his proposal although he says it s a good start. In westfield phil lipof channel 7 ewn."

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