Restaurants, businesses reopen after Sandy

November 9, 2012 2:38:29 PM PST
Eyewitness News is taking a look at restaurants and businesses that are helping the storm victims.

"This was completely submerged," Edi Frauneder said.

Edi Frauneder isn't embellishing.

But now the basement's clean and dry and Edi and the Wolf is back in business, albeit with an abbreviated menu.

"Every day one more menu item, that's how you rebuild a restaurant," Frauneder said.

But the baby steps are even smaller for some restaurants.

Just across the street Arcane still hasn't opened.

In Red Hook, so many restaurants are still closed.

At Fort Defiance, they're trying to defy the affects of Sandy with plans to reopen next week, and when they do, they'll be desperate for diners.

So there's a plea to patronize the restaurants in areas beaten by the storm.

DineOutNYC is one movement aimed at getting restaurants back in business.

You can follow the tweets about where to eat, like at the Little Owl, which closed for a week. organizes unaffected restaurants like Ardesia Wine Bar on West 52nd Street to donate a portion of sales and tips to help suffering restaurants rebuild.

Proceeds from cupcakes being sold at Baked will make a difference for Red Hook.

Every little bit counts.

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