Subway hero speaks out about fatal subway push

December 6, 2012 2:26:51 PM PST
Wes Autrey, who saved another man having a seizure who fell on the tracks, is speaking out about how no one helped the man who was pushed on the tracks and died Monday.

"There is no doubt, if I had been there, I would have did something," said Wes Autrey, subway hero.

He says he would have done something to help Ki-Suck Han, who on Monday was staring at a "Q" train barreling towards him. The train hit and killed the 58 year old.

"Maybe if one person had reached out maybe two or three would have joined in, sometimes it takes one to start something," Autrey said.

Wes Autrey is speaking from experience.

"Would you do it again?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yes, I would only if that space was there," Autrey said.

Nearly six years ago, he also had to make a split second decision while standing on a subway platform with his two young daughters. READ MORE ABOUT HIS AMAZING SAVE

A man had a seizure and fell onto the tracks.

Wes saw a train coming, jumped down, threw himself over the man, and the pair laid down in a ditch between the tracks, as the train passed over them.

They had to stay that way for 40 minutes, until crews could safely free them.

"He's grabbing stuff underneath the train, we're lying in the water and the power is still on and I yelled up, 'Excuse me, this guy is grabbing stuff, I saved him from the train, I don't want to get electrocuted,'" Autrey said.

Amazingly they walked away with just bumps and bruises.

He was dubbed the subway superman, congratulated by the mayor and president, right now there are talks of a movie and book deal and there's a new chapter.

Just last Friday, Wes was taking the #2 home when a fight broke out on the train.

"Me and the lady separated the two guys and I asked the younger guy to go to another car, which he did so those are the little things you can do," Autrey said.

So he's disappointed and says even though witnesses may have been afraid, Han and the suspect were arguing before the fatal push, he believes someone should have done something.

"You never know, they maybe in that shoe one day when somebody has to come to their rescue and sometimes tables turn, so I think if someone had gotten involved maybe that man may have still been here," Autrey said.

Read about Autrey's save back in 2007:

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