Subway safety campaign features bloody MetroCards

February 6, 2013 8:18:23 PM PST
Shocking MetroCards splattered with blood and the grim reaper are being handed out in an effort to get your attention.

The safety campaign follows the tragedies of two commuters being pushed onto the tracks and killed by oncoming trains recently.

The tactic is dramatic but some are hoping the shock value coupled with the push for real safety proposals on Thursday will keep you safe.

There was nobody leaning over the edge as the train pulled in to the East Tremont Avenue Station in the Bronx. Some people have learned.

The series of people pushed onto the tracks lately has frightened some.

Thursday, the Transit Workers Union will begin a graphic campaign handing out MetroCards that are printed to look as if they are spattered with blood.

It's in an effort to convince the MTA that drivers should slow down as they approach a station.

That, they say, would save lives.

The MTA says it would also clog up the system.

"I'm open to listening to both sides," Councilman James Vacca said.

Councilman James Vacca is holding a hearing Thursday to try and come up with solutions, but he says people need to me made aware.

"We need a public awareness campaign, there has to be a public information effort, I see too many people standing too close to the track," Vacca said.

But the MTA does put messages on the loud speakers and signs.

There are so many different kinds of train stations; there are so many different problems in the system, knowing what to do is not always easy.

"I wish there was some kind of idea because it's just happening too much," a straphanger said.

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