Running to help Breezy Point recover from Hurricane Sandy

March 14, 2013 3:06:27 PM PDT
Putting in the miles with a purpose, Brian Lang says every step has meaning because he is running to restore his Breezy Point community, which took a direct hit from Superstorm Sandy.

Some 110 homes, including Brian's house, were destroyed by a raging fire which sparked doing the height of the storm and was whipped by the wicked winds. Now his goal is help rebuild one step at a time.

"This is a pretty special place this Rockaway Peninsula. It's a great place to rear a family," he said.

Brian has always trained running along the shore near the same body of water that rose like a tsunami as it ruined everything in it. But from misery comes hope. Brian is lacing up for the Half Marathon to raise money to recover.

His effort to generate money will help habitat for humanity. One of the many agencies which responded to help devastated Breezy Point residents right after the storm.

"We kind of feel like we are all in this together and we'll get out of this if we stay together," he said.

Donations can be made through the New York City Road Runners club. Brian has helped to raise over a thousand dollars a day over the past few weeks. He hopes this half marathon can help many get back on their feet.

"My body's tired. I've put in a lot of work the past year. It's most important race I've ever run," he said.

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