Up Close: John Liu

March 24, 2013 9:05:35 AM PDT
New York City Comptroller John Liu never concealed his ambition to become mayor.

Some may say he's been campaigning for the last four years.

But his road to City Hall hit a roadblock when federal investigators arrested one of his campaign fundraisers and a staffer over illegal contributions.

Liu has not been charged with any wrongdoing, and now the defiant and determined candidate is telling the feds 'Put up or shut up'.

Liu joins us this week to discuss his mayoral bid.

Also, the U.S. Supreme Court this week will hear arguments on two major cases addressing same-sex marriage.

The cases could determine whether gay and lesbian couples will be allowed to marry and be recognized by the federal govement.

The hearings come at a time when we're seeing a dramatic rise in public support for same-sex marriage.

Joining us to explain more about what is at stake is Attorney Lavi Soloway, who has been working for the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry and be recognized under federal law. And, Sheldon Baker and Roger Goodman, a couple who got legally married almost two years ago in New York.

We'll also look at the newest venture for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani: an infomercial for identity theft prevention.

What does it mean for his future in politics?

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