Legoland opens in Yonkers without mention of city in name

March 27, 2013 3:04:12 PM PDT
It's more than just Legos at the new Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester.

The 32,000 square-foot facility opened Wednesday.

The gleaming $12 Million attraction makes no mention of Yonkers in the name.

The nine other Legoland Discovery Centers from Kansas City to Toronto to Berlin are all identified by their home city.

So is Lego trying to distance itself from Yonkers, a city with a gritty reputation?

Not so says the facility's general manager.

There were nothing but smiles from elected officials today, but the mayor of Yonkers did write the company a letter asking it to reconsider the name. No dice.

The facility is located in Ridge Hill. A sprawling 81 acre development featuring several high end stores. And no, it makes no mention of where it's located either.

Regardless of the name, Yonkers will reap the benefit in the form of economic development. 100 jobs have been created and 350,000 visitors are expected each year, all spending money here.

Judging by the long lines the crowds will keep coming--no matter what it's called.