TSA investigates brazen security breach at Kennedy Airport

April 5, 2013 3:12:44 PM PDT
When TSA screeners turned the JFK employee away for not having a boarding pass, the 31-year-old Marcelino Aponte used his security pass to get through locked areas and eventually onto his reserved Delta flight to Orlando. This end-run around screeners draws attention to the often overlooked back-door of airport security.

"It's a major flaw that he's exposed," Bobby Egbert, PA Police Union, said.

Bobby Egbert spent more than two decades as a police officer at JFK.

"Many people have access to sterile areas that are not screened. Anything they're carrying, not screened. No inspection done by TSA," he said.

At JFK, there are dozens of backdoors used by hundreds of airport workers with swipe cards that give them access to any part of the airport.

"Once somebody passes that line of security they're free to ramble in the airport and board an aircraft and take the consequences," Juval Aviv, aviation expert, said.

Aponte did not come to his door this afternoon. He's been given a summons for violating airport security.

Meanwhile, we've learned that the Port Authority issued a rules violation to the TSA for "failing to notify the police of a possible breech in a timely manner" after taking 45 minutes to notify police, according to the report.

But the TSA says police knew in less than 10 minutes and blame the employee saying, "it appears he abused his airport privileges by using his security or SIDA badge to circumvent the checkpoint and board a personal flight."

"It's not professional. It's amateur time," Aviv said.

Aponte was arrested when his flight landed in Florida.