Proposal to regulate where food trucks can park in New York City

April 10, 2013 3:28:39 PM PDT
When it comes to these kitchens on wheels, it's a tricky game of who's on first.

Whether it's Gorilla Cheese of Taco King, workers tell me they're constantly waiting to either be towed or ticketed.

Parking at a meter and feeding it is against the law. Same goes for no standing zones, where some trucks drop anchor for days at a time.

"We have certain spots that we know we can go to, it's just sometimes they'll shift and we won't be able to get out spot," Christian Lopez of Gorilla Cheese said.

Which translates into lost business. So Councilman Dan Garodnick has cooked up an idea. His plan would essentially create food truck zones, roughly 450 parking spots around the city, where they can legally operate.

"We want to limit the number of them that can exist on any single block so you don't see an army of food trucks in one area," Garodnick said. "We also want them to pay a fee."

Christian is open to the idea.

"If you get some type of schedule where we'd have certain trucks will be on certain days so others people can get business as well that'd be good," Lopez said.

Valentino Peralta of Taco King also like the concept, but since his bread and butter comes from NYU students and staff, he has one main concern.

"The most important thing is where are they going to put it and is it going to be close to a college where there are plenty of people," Peralta said.

All of the details such as exactly how much these trucks would pay and where they would be located will be discussed during a hearing April 17th.