Tractor-trailer overturns on BQE, pins car

NewsCopter 7 over an accident on the BQE at the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday.

April 29, 2013 3:15:11 PM PDT
A tractor trailer overturned under the Brooklyn Bridge, crushing a car into the divider.

A partial guard rail and flimsy chain link fence were the only things keeping the car from going over the edge after the tractor trailer flipped.

Tow truck operator Angelo Mazzio says the truck came "real close" to pushing the car over the edge.

Both vehicles were heading eastbound, just about to pass under the Brooklyn Bridge, when suddenly police believe the truck went out of control.

"There was no load in the vehicle. And the vehicle was bouncing and it turned on its side," commanding officer of the 84 precinct Capt. Maximo Tolentino said.

The truck flipped, pushing the white Infiniti with two passengers inside right to the edge of the roadway and right up against the guardrail. It sat precariously up on two wheels, on the edge of a thirty foot drop to a construction zone below.

With traffic backing down the east bound lanes toward the Gowanus Expressway, the two in the car were pulled to safety and take to a local hospital.

"There were some injuries, but they weren't major injuries which we are very happy about," Tolentino said.

Using large tow trucks, the tractor trailer, still on its side, was dragged down the roadway clear of the scene, and then pulled up right.

The car, without much visible damage, was then pulled out from its precarious perch. Even tow truck operators think the people in the car were fortunate.

"It was hairy. Real hairy," Mazzio said.

It would be a long wait before traffic began moving again.