7 Tips for finding the perfect shoes

May 2, 2013 2:51:20 PM PDT
When it comes to shoes you either adore them or see them as necessary evils.

Either way, there's no denying that there is a science to picking the perfect pair.

There are seven things to keep in mind while shopping for shoes.

"A lot of women aren't up with the nude secret," said Heather Cammallere, Century 21, Personal Shopper, "A nude shoe, whether its patent or leather, takes away from the look and makes your legs look longer."

For tip two you need to look inside.

"If the shoe only has a lining on the bottom but not on the sides, it won't be as comfortable," Cammallere said.

Tip three has to do with the brand.

"A lot of European shoes are cut smaller, the last are much smaller, so you may have to go up a size even a size and a half," Cammallere said.

Since we're talking about size, tip number four: "Try on multiple shoes of the same size. After people slip them on and off several times, shoes can stretch," Cammallere said.

Tip five has to do with fit.

"A finger in the front of the shoe is OK, a finger in the heel while standing means the shoes are too big," Cammallere said.

Now to the bottoms with tip six.

"You want a sole that's seamless, ones that are sewn are typically more secure than ones that are glued on," Cammallere said.

The last tip, tip seven is: "Most shoes are not forgiving, so that is something most women have to keep in mind, it's not like a pair of jeans," Cammallere said.

The most important thing is to try to pick the shoe that fits your lifestyle.