New Jersey mom performs CPR on injured Little Leaguer

May 12, 2013 4:10:57 PM PDT
Maureen Reneghan can now rest easy, knowing what she did at a baseball diamond in Harrington Park - she kept another mother from experiencing every parent's worst nightmare.

Maureen was sitting in the bleachers Saturday afternoon while watching her son play. Her husband, Matt was coaching, when Ian McGreevy, a member of the opposing team went to steal third, the 8-year-old was hit by a ball, and collapsed.

"I saw this beautiful child on the ground, and you think of your own children, and I think any mother would do the same thing, I just ran and just tried to save him," adds Maureen.

Maureen's husband, Matt, dialed 911, and had cleared the players off of the field. Maureen tells Eyewitness News that when she got to McGreevy, he wasn't breathing.

"His eyes were open, there was no movement," said Maureen.

It seems the ball hit Ian in the ribcage, in an area that is not protected by his heart guard. Maureen first did chest compressions, and when that didn't work, she performed mouth to mouth.

"His jaw was clenched, so I just pried it open," adds Maureen, "I got a puff, I saw his chest rise, I was like, 'okay something is happening now' and he's still staring straight up at me," adds Maureen.

Finally, she got a heartbeat, and McGreevy was alert.

"I got very emotional, very worried for him, but I am so happy everything is going to be okay," said McGreevy's teacher, Michelle Vialonga.

As for Maureen, she says adrenaline simply kicked in, that she would do it all again and looks forward to meeting Ian.

"I said to my husband, I want to see him playing and running and being happy because I'll never forget his face and I'll love him forever," Says Maureen.