NYPD officer makes arrest at scene where he was shot

May 30, 2013 3:21:48 PM PDT
From a moment of deep reflection to a burst of adrenaline, it was an emotional roller coaster for Sgt. Kevin Brennan of the NYPD Intelligence Unit. It was his first time back to the Bushwick Houses since he got shot there last year in the line of duty.

"It was like by first time back in the street - it felt really good," said Sgt. Brennan.

Sgt. Brennan says it was just like old times on Tuesday afternoon, when he was briefly reunited with Officer Michael Burbridge - his former partner who was with him when he was shot for a walk through of the crime scene with the District Attorney's office.

"I don't know how he noticed, they're both wanted," said Sgt. Brennan.

One of the suspects had a 9mm gun tucked in his waistband, unlike the .38 caliber gun that police say Luis Ortiz used to shoot Brennan in the back of the head.

"It hit me in the back, and affected the vision in my left eye," adds Sgt. Brennan.

The soft-spoken but street-savvy sergeant spent a year at home recovering with his newborn daughter ? time he may not have had if he was still out on patrol.