Crated yorkie left on hot tar roof found dead

June 3, 2013 2:43:25 PM PDT
A man was charged with animal cruelty after a dog was found dead in a metal crate on top of a tar roof during our recent heat wave.

It's a sad and cruel ending to an animal's life, so much so, that Eyewitness News had to blur the picture.

A small Yorkshire terrier was left in a cage to die in the heat in Jersey City.

The window of the yellow building is access to the roof next door. The caged dog was left out on the hot tar roof Friday in scorching heat. Animal Control says the dog also had no water.

It turns out, several people heard the dog, but from street level, could not see it was in a death trap, struggling to live, whining for help, until it was dead.

A neighbor a building away, finally spotted the dog and called animal control, which charged Kaylon Dazile of Neptune Street with three counts of animal cruelty.

They say he told them he was dog-sitting for a friend, but the dog kept barking, so he set it out there, so neighbors wouldn't complain.