New App allows Central Park fans to purchase virtual piece of property

June 19, 2013 2:37:31 PM PDT
Fans of Central Park have a new and innovative way to show their love and support: the purchase of a virtual square foot of the Great Lawn!A new app will let 'owners' of the Great Lawn maintain and customize their plots on Facebook while the funds from the 'sale' support the Conservancy's real-world maintenance and restoration.

"Central Park is maintained 24/7 by the Conservancy, but we couldn't do our job without the support of the people who love it," said Doug Blonsky, President & CEO of the Central Park Conservancy. "This is their chance to own and maintain part of the world's most famous lawn online and help us take care of it offline."

Each virtual plot of the Great Lawn costs $10. Just like the real Great Lawn, the virtual plots can be 'mowed,' 'watered,' and 'raked.' But virtual activities go far beyond maintenance: owners can personalize their spot by planting flowers and trees, painting the grass wild colors, and having a picnic.

Until 1931, the Croton Reservoir was located on the site of today's Great Lawn. The 55- acre lawn, located at the geographical center of Central Park, was designed and opened to the public in 1937, with baseball diamonds added in the 1950s. Through the years, the Great Lawn played host to memorable performances by Simon and Garfunkel, Diana Ross, Bon Jovi, the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York Philharmonic.

By the '60s and '70s, the activity had turned the grassy lawn into the "Great Dust Bowl." The Conservancy fully restored it in 1997; today, more than 5.1 million people visit it each year.

Virtual plots, along with more information, can be found at The Great Lawn for Sale app was developed by mcgarrybowen, an internationally recognized brand and communications agency.