Police probe possible link between 2 Queens stabbings

August 1, 2013 3:45:14 AM PDT
Police in New York are looking at the possibility that there could be a maniac with a knife randomly stabbing women in Queens.

Two women were stabbed this month, both repeatedly.

The latest victim's family spoke with Eyewitness News.

Only beauty radiates from a picture of Kerline Denizard. The physical scars of having her throat slit are barely visible in this photo taken since her June attack.

"If she didn't fight she would be dead," said Taylor Antoine, the victim's uncle.

A man spotted in a hoodie may be responsible for the stabbing of Denizard and another Queens teen.

Surveillance video was released from the Monday night attack of 17-year-old Natasha Martinez.

She was on her way home from work in Woodhaven when police say she was stabbed 11 times.

It was similar to the stabbing of Denizard, who was on her way to work in Queens Village when she was ambushed.

"Right here, right here, she got cut," Antoine said.

Family members say the 36-year-old health aide complained of a strange man following her in the weeks leading up to the attack.

Miraculously, she only spent a week in the hospital and didn't need any therapy after being stabbed in the neck and back.

"She fall down screaming, screaming, screaming, fight," Antoine said.

For neighbors, it's bad enough that one woman was attacked, but horrific to think some is running around in the dark with a knife going after young women.

"I'm so sorry for all these young girls, I have a granddaughter she's 13, I pray for her and all the rest of the young children out here," said Josephine Walters, the victim's neighbor.

"It's very strange, but you got to know he might be sick, he has to be sick, but I hope they catch him in time before he hurts another person," said Lee Thomas, the victim's neighbor.