Students retake Regents test after original exam lost

August 13, 2013 3:38:21 PM PDT
Dozens of Manhattan high school students were forced to return to school Tuesday to retake a Regents test.

That's because the exam they originally took on June 11th reportedly fell off the back of a truck.

It happened at Chelsea's Career and Technical Education High School on Sixth Avenue.

As you can imagine, students and parents are not happy.

"Here it is August 13th, it's pouring down rain and they came because they realize how important it is for their future," said teacher Jan Scott. "This is my 29th year of teaching and this has never happened."

Jan says she still's not sure what to believe, and others are in the same boat.

Kids who would have been working at their summer jobs instead spent 3 hours retaking their English Regents Exam.

Student Freddy Rayas says his bosses weren't pleased.

"Despite talking to them and saying it's a school thing and not my fault, I'm not getting paid for today," said Rayas.

Back in the spring, students and their parents got a letter from the Department of Education saying "Your child's exam cannot be located at this time."

McGraw-Hill, which is in the first of a new 3 year $9.6 million contract with the city, was in charge of grading and keeping track of boxes of test booklets that, well, disappeared.

"They fell off a truck, now how true that is I don't know," said Scott.

Gone, lost and so these kids had to actually come back to school at the beginning of this month to prep and then take the exam.

"It's difficult to have to come and retake the test, it's over and have to study in a week, as to a year we had," said student Rosy Espinel.

Something these kids hope colleges and universities take into account next year.

"We're talking about their future," said Scott. "I think what I'm really upset about is no one from the DOE, the chancellor, he did not come and speak to them, tell them, sorry about the error but you'll be ok."