How to get a ING NYC Marathon entry right now!

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September 23, 2013 12:59:17 PM PDT
The ING NYC Marathon is just 11 weeks away. But if you are a runner who wants to get "in," there is a way to still get a guaranteed race entry - the charity TEAM for KIDS! This great NYRR group helps runners reach their own personal race goals along with raising money for school age runners.

Upper East Side Runner Suzanne Turner ran two marathons in the late 80s and early 90s.

"I'm running this year to culminate my recovery from an accident on Dec 30th that happened while I was running in Massachusetts," she said.

She was out for a 6 mile run on a beautiful day but that's all she can say about the day she got hurt. When Suzanne Turner woke up in the hospital she did not remember what happened and there were no witnesses. Maybe a car accident, maybe an attack, no one knew? A fractured skull, concussion and broken arm left her with a long recovery.

"I had nerve damage visual impairment and walking difficult - regain vision was monumental," Turner said.

Now she's put the accident and what might have happened that day behind her. Along the road back to fitness and health - she decided to run the marathon with the help of NYRR. Turner says she wanted to get support and run for a cause.

"I joined team for kids. I knew I would get nutrition counseling, long run support, and help mentor young girls who want to run," she said.

It's the combination of individual purpose with the support of a team that attracts other NY runners too like Meredith Simmons.

"It's my 13th marathon when I finish on Nov. 3rd," Simmons said.

Simmons has run for charity but this race will have a special personal meaning - her younger brother joining for his first marathon.

"He had a rough couple of years had been involved with criminal justice and drugs and law," she said. "Now in some ways running has been his salvation. Almost 6 years to the day watching him on the finish line will be a complete transformation. I'm so proud of him."

Michael Rodgers recruits Team for Kids runners.

"When you see this color you know that the runner is running for something good," he said.

Rodgers believes in the initiatives behind his bright shirt! He fondly remembers starting at age 11 and credits running for help him become the first person in his family to finish college...saying he studied hard to be eligible for the track team which led to an academic scholarship. Now he leads runners as they raise funds for programs like the Mighty Milers!

"Last year the kids in program 4.5 million miles 36 miles per kid over the school year," Rodgers said.

Rodgers says there are TEAM for KIDS spots available! And runners who've been a part of the Team say it's a way to add meaning to your marathon experience.

"There's definitely a larger purpose than one's own marathon" said Suzanne Turner

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