What to do in Syria

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August 30, 2013 12:34:29 PM PDT
48 hours ago, Pres. Obama was wrapped up in The Dream. Right now, it seems, he's in The Fog of War.

Can't help but wonder if the American people's appetite for bombing yet another Muslim country and really isn't that always a smart thing to do? Not! would be bigger if their government hadn't already lied to them about the weapons of mass destruction supposedly in Iraq.

We rushed in back then shrouded in the Fog of War ? only to discover that the WMD's never existed, and our desire to topple Saddam Hussein had more to do with some kind of father-son, Shakespearean plot-line than a carefully thought out political-military strategy.

A couple of trillion dollars and countless American and Iraqi lives later, hard to blame the citizens of the U.S. for an acute case of war weariness. Oh, yeah, and we're still in Afghanistan, nearly 12 years later.

Secretary of State Kerry, who made his bones in the anti-war movement as founder of Vietnam Vets Against The War, raised the moral point that just because we are suffering fatigue for war as a country that doesn't minimize our moral responsibility to stop international war crimes. If the Syrian government gassed its own people ? more than 1,400 dead, including more than 400 children ? then what's our responsibility to seek justice and make sure it doesn't happen again?

Hard to make the case that we do nothing.

Take away their cable and satellite TV? Withhold any aid? Boycott and blockade? Anything but bomb? There's a case to be made for that too.

We are all talking and thinking and chewing this tough situation. But, from this perch, it seems likely some kind of limited military action might take place this weekend.

And we're on it, despite the holiday.

We'll have the latest at 11 and of course coverage all weekend on Eyewitness News.

And I hope you can join us.

Despite all this, despite the high from The Dream on Wednesday to the sobering low of The Fog tonight, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend.


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