Back-to-school savings on supplies

Seven On Your Side
September 3, 2013 3:19:56 PM PDT
We went to several stores to compare prices and they were all very competitive filling the same classroom list, within a dollar of each other. The way to save is "to search" , for online coupons, promo codes and special student discounts.

As your child grows, their list of school supplies gets bigger.

Ali needs 10 notebooks compared to his little brother's 5. The family dropped $70 at Staples, and it was their third trip back to school shopping.

Mom didn't use any coupons, although she could have pulled up a 10 percent off coupon on her smartphone for scanning at the register.

She could have also saved by spending 10 dollars for a 15 percent off back to school saving pass usable all year long. Signing up for rewards memberships at big box stores like Staples and Office Max will earn you 5 percent back, and gets you exclusive coupons sent right to your inbox.

While you're online, don't forget to "Like" your favorite stores on Facebook for links to discounts too.

Here's another way to save time and money while boosting your local mom and pop stores: At Ward's 5 and Dime in Closter New Jersey, the PTO partnered with the shop to put together school packs for each individual grade at a discount.

Parents shouldn't pay retail for big ticket items without searching for student savings.

"If you register your dot-edu, you get additional like $200 of select merchandise," Mark Locastro of Deal News said.

Researchers at found student promotions at Dell, Best Buy and even Apple, but some aren't advertised you have to in the store..

"You can get $100 or $200 off. If you don't ask you won't get," he said.