Police continue to investigate murder in Hoboken, New Jersey

(murder in hoboken new jersey)

September 11, 2013 3:41:11 PM PDT
There are new details tonight about a man's body found wedged between a fence in Hoboken, New Jersey.

It was a gruesome sight in broad daylight.

Under the tarp was the victim, 46-year-old Eric Santiago, his body slumped over this fence at 5:30 Tuesday afternoon.

"You could tell something was wrong. His neck was stuck. It was a graphic sight. I pulled up 5 minutes after it happened," said Michael Minervini.

Minervini lives in the building where Santiago was found. He took pictures from his balcony, some too graphic to show.

The prosecutors office says it looks like Santiago was followed by two or three men. One of them hit him from behind which caused him to fall and get his head stuck between two metal posts.

Fortunately for investigators, it looks like the buildings security camera caught the whole thing.

Santiago was a frequent guest of this homeless shelter a few blocks away. Several of the residents said they knew him.

As for a motive, investigators won't say just yet and until they do, Briana Fishetto says she feels uneasy to say the least.

"I was here my whole life 19 years in this building. Its scary. It happened out of nowhere," she said.

Now the hunt is on for who did this.