Garfield woman captures alleged burglar in home

September 11, 2013 8:14:40 PM PDT
A woman came home to find strangers inside, they tried to run, but this brave mom wasn't going to let them get away.

Thanks to her actions, both suspects are behind bars.

The dramatic moments unfolded in Garfield, New Jersey.

The victim was willing to tell her story and give her first name, but Sophia says she is just too afraid to show her face on camera.

The Garfield mother came home Wednesday morning and found a man and woman burglarizing her home.

"I knew I didn't have a choice. I knew I should do something," Sophia said.

So she called 911.

An officer quickly arrived and saw the man and woman run out of the back door.

He subdued the woman then chased 52-year-old Robert Soto and caught him a couple of blocks away.

In the meantime, Sophia held down the other suspect, 22-year-old Christianne Abbate who she says tried to get away.

"I got her very, very strong. She bites me, and she said, 'I kill you. I'll burn your house,'" Sophia said, "For me I felt it was a long time, but everything was very quick."

"Our neighbor is a hero and she held one of the suspects. I'm real proud of her for that, for saving our neighborhood," said Carl Lawrence, the victim's neighbor.