New York City schools roll out online option for applying to kindergarten

September 13, 2013 3:14:44 PM PDT
A major change is taking place for parents who want to enroll their children into kindergarten at New York City schools.

It is one that will save parents time and affect every 4-year old in the city from here on out.

Any parent who has enrolled a child in school will tell you it takes a lot of legwork.

City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott announced an online tool for kindergarten admissions.

They call it Kindergarten Connect, and it will completely replace the old system.

"For parents, Kindergarten Connect means more research on schools, so they'll have the information available to them as far as finding out background information on schools, and less hassle in applying to those schools," said Walcott.

It had a trial run in select school districts last year.

"In fact an overwhelming number of parents were accessing the information online and we're pleased by that," said Deputy Chancellor Marc Sternberg.

The chancellor says the online system, which will launch in January, will give parents more time to spend with their kids.

"It consumes your entire year leading up to kindergarten," siad parent Kristy Glass. "Everything centers on that one thing."

"A single application through Kindergarten Connect will also allow parents to rank their options in order of their preference," said Walcott.