Scandal star Kerry Washington heads to Saks

Kerry Washington and other cast members from Scandal celebrate the season 3 premiere and the Scandal window installation at Saks 5th Avenue.

October 3, 2013 2:11:59 PM PDT
When Kerry Washington landed in New York City in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the star headed straight to Saks Fifth Avenue.

At 1:00 a.m. The store was closed, but one of the most famous women in America was free to admire the displays she helped to create. She returned for a closer look later that night.

Dressed in Prada, Kerry Washington looked every inch the fashion Icon - her status affirmed at one of the temples of style. Her look is on display in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue.

"What we're showcasing in our windows right now are some of the looks that she chose because she really is so stylish," Steve Sadove, Saks Fifth Ave. CEO, said.

"I think what I'm most proud of is that for us the fashion on the show isn't just fashion for fashion's sake. It's really about the performance of identity thru clothes and how these characters express who they are through fashion. Every look tells you something about that character them," Kerry Washington said.

Olivia Pope and her people are gladiators in suits, but not everyone has to wear them, even though clothes still make the man.

"I can show-up to work scruffy and I get to wear jeans and sneakers and hoodies and flannels so I just kind of sit back and like yeah I'm cool and I let everyone else worry about looking all spiffy and stuff," actor Guillermo Díaz said.

What they have on has become as important as what happens.

"I think part of the fun of the show is seeing what people will wear, and particularly Kerry, who's just right on the cutting edge," actor Josh Malina said.

And these days they just can't get enough of her.

Many years ago the creator of Scandal looked into the Saks windows as a college student and dreamed of being able to afford what she saw there, so for Shonda Rimes this is more than just another promotional opportunity.

"The idea that there's an African American woman and she's the forefront of the show and she's in the window of Saks is amazing," Rimes said.

Rimes will gather with members of her cast in a hotel suite here in the city tonight to tweet live with their millions of fans as the season premiere airs at 10:00 p.m. on Channel 7.

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